We all know – and love – the feeling we get when our car is clean, the windows are clear, and the interior is freshly vacuumed! Waterworks Car Wash, the area’s most technologically advanced car wash, is designed to get you in and out quickly–with dazzling results. We offer a variety of wash services and treatments that protect your car’s finish and interior and help protect your investment.

Silver Wash ($14.99) - Includes a basic exterior wash, towel dry, basic vacuum of the seats, mats and floors in the first 2 rows, windows in the first 2 rows, dash and center console dusted off.

Silver Plus ($19.99) - Everything in the silver wash, with an added tire dressing, wheel cleaner and under carriage flush to the exterior and the top 4 floor mats are washed as an added bonus to the interior.

Gold ($24.99) - The vehicle is sent through on our deluxe wash (high pressure rinse, tire dressing, wheel cleaner, triple foam, under carriage flush), towel dry, blown out with an air hose to get the more difficult places to reach, vacuumed front to back (including trunk area and 3rd row if a van or SUV), interior windows front to back, door panels wiped down, top 4 floor mats washed, dash and center console dusted off.

Platinum ($54.99 cars/$68 vans or SUVs) - Everything mentioned in the Gold service, and we then use our 200 degree Cobra Extractor on the floors.